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Date published: June 2, 2018 at 10:10 pm
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Japan is a country often famed for its unique culture, innovation, harmonious society and the NURU massage. I understand I need to thank Miss Hamada from Kawasaki City who turned an innocent scrub-down to relieve dry skin into nothing less than an ‘epic erotically-charged sexual performance loaded with titillating tricks and secret techniques.’

But it is not the process that is important, it is the participants. Or to be more precise, the masseuse. As NURU is an explosion of tactile, auditory and visual stimulation with the masseuse as the master of ceremonies but with no fixed script.

I was extremely lucky in that my masseuse was Jessica Luscious who is most certainly visually stimulating but has also been gifted with a unique personality that immediately invigorates all your senses: inviting one to touch whilst seeking to be touched, to inhale and enjoy the various subtle personal aromas, to taste the ever-changing moods and to listen for the sounds of arousal whilst openly fantasising about the ensuing climax.

The NURU massage was everything it should be. I was greeted by Jessica dressed impeccably, as always, her attire subtlety accentuating her magnificent curves and long legs, her eyes, infectious laugh and warm tone inviting engagement, like a beautiful Courtesan. We started slowly undressing each other, myself, taking pleasure in helping her out of her provocative lingerie, courtesy of her eclectic collection. I struggled with her clasp then suddenly a lurch forward as her magnificent breasts escaped, nipples semi erect. I slowly hovered over them, Jessica guiding my head forward, then kissing, massaging, immediately extracting raw sounds of arousal. Then removing her panties, needing no assistance taking small liberties nibbling, kissing, teasing, experiencing acceptance, provocative movement and then ultimate engulfment.

My anticipation was both visible and palpable as we moved to an invigorating hot shower and soap whilst continuing our mutual explorations, water dripping, running and gushing from hidden temporary storage sites through crevices along limbs and finally to the ground. Steam rising blurring the glass walls and being slowly erased as each of us sought and found purchase whilst in delicate positions. Then moving to the bedroom, lying on my front, as a pure recipient, experiencing erotic entire body to body contact, pressuring, squeezing, stroking, kissing, touching, kneading, gliding both firm and transient but slippery to the extreme. Finally turning over and being invited to participate, sensually aroused to extreme heights through touching, tasting, inhaling, listening to and viewing a sexual whirlwind. Almost spellbound as Jessica seamlessly transitioned backwards and forwards from pure eroticism to engaging intimacy with periods of extreme noise followed by pure silence, simply breathing in unison, recharging, to seek out new pathways and connections.

On departure, I reflected on how similar the scene was to when I arrived, Jessica dressed impeccably, accentuating her magnificent curves and long legs, her lips slightly parted almost pouting, but this time totally naked, a most beautiful site. Knowing that she had more than satisfied this individual, providing a session of incomparable erotic feelings, sensuality experienced without inhibitions. Not to mention oiling my dry skin.

Whew ... what an experience!! ... no … what a woman!! …. That is Jessica Luscious NURU(ologist) supreme.

doumo arigatou gozaimasu …. jikai made I think!
Well Oiled
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