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Date published: July 1, 2017 at 12:04 pm
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Meeting this gorgeous creature was a long time in the making and definitely long overdue. We had been chatting for ages about seeing one another but she never made it south to Adelaide. So in mid to late 2016 I decided to book her for an overnight stay, and over time we started to sort out the finer details of our evening together. As the weeks came closer the excitement grew and the final touches were made for the evening.

So the day arrived for the goddess Jessica and I to meet. So I spent the whole day making sure everything was ready for the evening that was to follow. So afternoon came and it was time to get ready and look nice for Jessica. So after I was all ready I headed down to see to see this beautiful lady as we were going to meditate before dinner. So when I arrived I was warned that she would be in trackies. But when I arrived at her place and she opened the door i was stunned to see this stunning drop dead gorgeous lady rocking trackies. She greeted me with a luscious kiss or two which made feel all calm and jelly inside. She had me from that moment on. After a little bit of getting to know each other conversation it was time to meditate. It was certainly different then what I have done in the past but very helpful, calming and soothing. Felt much better after and decided to pretend I was still meditating when we finished to see what this gorgeous creature would do. To my delight she did exactly what I thought she would do and climbed ontop of me and started to passionately kiss me. I slowly opened my eyes to find Jessica staring back at me with passionate intent. We then proceeded to passionately roll around the floor letting our hands wonder and explore each others body while passionately kissing one another. Jessica slowly guiding my hand to her juice wet pussy so that I could have a little play with it. Then she continued to move her hand down to discover my manhood. Before long Jessica eagerly suggest some before fun before and she grabbed my hand and guided me to the bedroom were she undressed in a flash. In a blink of an eye she was beautiful naked on the bed spread out like a meal ready to eat and I did just that. I dined on every part of her delicious body but my favourite part was her wet pussy and I ate that up and it was no is the best meal I have ever tasted. Before long she decided it was my turn so I lied back and enjoyed one of the most earth shattering CBJ I have ever had it felt like there wasn't even anything there it was amazing. Then in short order she said it was time to fuck and she climbed on me and proceeded to rock back and forth, up and down and grind against my cock and we slowly got in sink. Her facial expressions and her little noises were so hot and sexy. We both climaxed in upmost extasy with huge smiles on both our faces. Then we realised we need to get ready for dinner. So a quick shower and Jessica decided what to wear to dinner. Then hand in hand we headed to the restaurant. Was a very short but romantic walk there. When we arrived we slowly made our discussion on what to order for drinks and dinner. Apart from something food wise putting me off the dinner date went to so quickly. Have to compliment the exquisite company for we talked about everything. After dinner it was back to the apartment for some fun. She looked so stunning but thats no surprise it was a beautiful walk back to her apartment. When we arrived back at the apartment we continued to talk and slowly get reacquainted with each others bodies again which was absolutely divine. Then we went to the bedroom for another round were I got to spend more time with her pussy which is a meal in itself. Jessica returned the favor once again and ohh my god another grand CBJ. Then I believe she got ontop again hard to remember we had sex so much hard to remember what happened when. After a bit I thought it was my turn and she lay back and we did missionary which she loved and so did I and loved seeing her eyes roll into the back of her head every time I hit the right spot. Jessica climax many times and so did I it was a blast. We both decided a naughty bath was in order to refresh ourselves and have a bit of fun, and it was loads of fun.After we had dried ourselves off it was time for more fun on the bed with different positions like missionary, cowgirl, dog style which she loved. More oral on both of us which we both throughly enjoyed. I believed I even asked her to squirt on my face and it was so hot and sexy and she tasted delicious. Not to mention the sexy sight of her pleasuring herself and the moans that came with it. Wish I could have had more of that. After that it was time for some sleep cuddling up together which was really nice. It was really something sleeping next to this gorgeous creature. Not to mention the skin on skin contact felt so warm and comforting. My hand finding the perfect place to rest right between those luscious thighs of her's on her delectable pussy. Sleeping next to her and waking up to her beautiful face was a dream come true. Now it was time for our final round of wild fun together which I could have continued doing for eternity. After that we just lied there in each others embrace and just savoured the moment and continued to chat. The time had come for us both to get ready to leave as Jessica had to catch a plane and for me to go home. But I would have loved to been locked in the apartment with her for days. So we slowly started to pack our things up before jumping in the shower for some last minute naughty fun. Then Jessica had some time before her driver arrived do we went to go get a coffee hand in hand. We had a naughty final chat over coffee and I walked her to her car that was waiting for her. It was time to say our final goodbyes to each other which was hard as this gorgeous creature had grown on me over the last 12 hours. As her car pulled away I realised no matter how long you see Jessica it will never ever be enough time.

To sum up my time with the gorgeous creature which is Jessica she is:
-fabulous out of this world in bed
-Give grand CBJ plus the way she played with my cock and teased me... aw amaaazing !!
-Has a gorgeous tasting pussy and oral on her was a dream
-Her personality and who she is a delight and a wonder to be around.
I could go on forever this woman is such a gem.

Will I ever see her again ohh FUCKING yes I will there is no doubt about that she will have to beat me off with a stick.
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