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Date published: February 28, 2017 at 12:53 pm
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What an evening. Jessica made me forget my body image issues and treated me like a hunk the whole time. I think I now know what Chris Hemsworth and Adam Levine must feel like when their wives are ovulating. Since it was the first time, I let her know I needed to ease into things. She made this anxious bundle of nerves feel right at home in a short time and after chatting casually for a while which was my choice, encouraged me to come out of my shell and explore her body. I sacrificed and did just that. And again. And again. If she were average looking or you were blindfolded the whole time, the experience would still be worth it. And she is far from average... Her arse should have a license to kill -- I hope she forgives me for saying that. :) At this point, I am try to get the time machine to send me back 6 hours, but it seems to be stuck. Seriously, she is the whole package. I recommend you enjoy her company now, before a wealthy prince proposes to her and whisks her away to his private island, and we are all just left with our memories of this very special, caring woman. Thank you for making me feel special, Jessica.
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