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Date published: September 5, 2014 at 3:40 am
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I believe there may be some gentlemen on this site lol
I cannot recommend Jessica highly enough.
I have seen her a few times now and every time I think the last time can't be topped she outdoes herself.
It is rampaging sex unlike any I have known.
My most recent visit, I was feeling down and tired and was planning a slow sensuous relaxing session.
This was not to be.
There is something about the cheeky smile with which she first greets you and the way she melts into your arms, that just inflames you with desire. The stick that broke the camels hump ( I was the camel and believe a lot of humping occurred) was when she bent over her kitchen bench to grab something.. Impossible to resist that sight, it was dress up, knickers down and face buried deep within her arse cheeks in seconds, followed by the thrilling vibration of her pelvis thrusting back at me.
The rest of the session was just a hot wet blur, involving every room of the flat, position and orifice. I remember the kitchen, the shower and I think the bed was used at one point. I know that a great deal of physical exertion occurred with the sweat running rivulets down my back and cords of muscle standing out on both Jessica and my arms as we gripped arms leaning away from each other whilst thrusting deep and powerfully together. There were great exhortions of deeper, a grand deal of usage of the word, 'Fuck', and much moaning and groaning. I know that by the end we both had legs of Jelly and despite having a shower to clean up, catching a glimpse of myself after on the way home, I looked like I'd been fucked within an inch of my life.
This is a well I will return to again and again
Simply eating Jessica's luscious pussy would be my ideal diet for spring, summer, all year round and the workout involved will soon have me a rippling mass of muscle ( especially one muscle :) )
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