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Date published: June 2, 2016 at 3:02 am
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A rendezvous with Jessica is always unforgettable and magical. Our date recently was no different. In fact, it was so unique that I want to share this, even though there is a selfish part of me that wants to keep this date as a secret in my diary.

While there are so many other girls that I could choose from, there is something special about Jessica that keeps attracting me to her. I think it is a combination of sincerity, caring nature and genuineness that radiates from her.

It has been difficult for me find time to set up a date with her over the last few months as I have been travelling overseas and working long hours. I finally found some free time during the weekend and decided to try my luck. Given our busy schedules and short notice given for the booking, I wasn't too confident about my chances. But her willingness and enthusiasm to accommodate the booking was nothing short of amazing. It was only a matter of a couple of texts to book some time in her busy diary.

Needless to say, the hours leading up to the date was a struggle for me. I had a constant hard on all day at home thinking about the date coming up which was extremely difficult. Eventually the time came for me to see her and I arrived 15 mins early as usual. While the anticipation kept building, I decided to walk to the bakery close by to get us some refreshments so that I can keep myself distracted.

When the time finally came to walk in to the apartment, I was feeling extremely nervous. But she immediately made me feel at ease with a short but a very passionate kiss. I loved the caress of her lips and the uninterrupted nature of her kisses. To hold her again and kiss her once more for a slightly longer time was magical. She was wearing black lingerie and stockings which looked absolutely stunning on her. I can use words like gorgeous, stunning, pretty, ravishing, etc. to describe her beauty but none of those words will do justice to it. It was pretty hard for me to resist her charm and her soft body this time. While kissing me, she removed my beanie, scarf and jacket one after the other and tried them on herself. When I told her that I she looked rather sexy in my clothes, she burst in to laughter which filled the apartment with joy.

Jessica then guided me in to the lounge. We were passionately devouring each other's lips, tongue, face and body on her couch before she decided that it was time to have a shower. I requested her if she could put on a blindfold at the shower and she immediately brought two blindfolds. I must admit that I certainly underestimated how much this would turn each other on. I blindfolded her and proceeded to kiss her all over focusing more on her incredibly responsive nipples. She has extremely sensitive nipples that along with some mouth and finger play can bring her to multiple orgasms. Her tits and nipples are so very real and natural and the reactions that occurred during the play turned me on completely. She then returned me the favour by blindfolding me and kissing my nipples and my body which felt absolutely amazing. I was so concerned that I would explode then and there.

We then continued the next chapter of our adventure at the bedroom. She decides it’s time to suck my penis. The touch of her soft lips all over my cock and the occasional stares at me with me with those attractive eyes was an experience beyond belief. Needless to say, the sex that followed up was unreal. She had me so turned on by then that it just turned in to a sexy, passionate experience. I cannot believe I was able to hold on for that long with Jessica in so many positions. I asked if we could take short break at one point and she brought me a glass of water. We then started again by using her vibrator on her clit while I kissed her nipples and blindfolded her. A few seconds later with subtle loss of control she squirted and I exploded shortly after. I do not believe an experience can get any more real and natural!!

By now I was extremely tired and I thought to myself that this was the end of another lovely session with Jessica. But I was completely wrong as the most memorable part of our date had just begun. Her embrace and for her to snuggle into my right side and rest there a moment took me into the heights of the intimacy. I don't know how I can truly express this sensation as it’s something that just has to be experienced. At one point she jumped on top of me hugged me and said “you are a comfortable mattress” and we both burst into laughter. We then spent some time chatting about various topics. They say time flies when you are having fun and that's exactly what happened.

It suddenly occurred to me that we were both in need of some nourishment at this point after the work out that we just had. I asked Jessica if we could try the refreshments that I had brought with me. She was quite excited and immediately made us some tea. Within a few minutes we were enjoying each other’s company over some tea and chat. I was completely drawn towards the softer side of this lovely and thoughtful lady.

I simply did not want this date to end at all. This is when decided to politely asked her if I could book her for an extra hour while we were sharing a passionate kiss after the refreshments. She immediately agreed and I was jumping with joy. For me the next hour was another sensational hour of more BJ, more cum, more cuddles and great company. After this, I could hardly walk. She had drained every bit of energy out of me. This is exactly what I would want from a date with Jessica and much more.

When it was time to say good bye, she put on a dress and walked me out of her apartment. She walked me out to the streets and gave me a big warm hug before leaving back to her apartment. As she moved away a few steps, she glanced back and smiled at me with her charming eyes. What can I say, I went home with a big smile on my face which hasn’t wiped off yet!! All I want to do for the rest of the week is just remind myself about the wonderful time that I’ve just had.
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