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Date published: December 2, 2015 at 4:14 pm
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A lunch date with the beautiful Jessica, what a lovely way to spend an afternoon, in retrospect it could not have been a more perfect experience. I booked lunch with Jessica with a bit of trepidation, what would we talk about for 2 hours, would the food be good, would I be dull and boring and be stuck for things to say, would she be bored etc, etc. I need not have worried as the day turned out to be much better than I could ever have anticipated. Our date actually started in a very strange way. Melbournians’ are normally very staid and don’t talk to strangers, however; in the tram on the way to the restaurant at least two people started chatting to her out of the Blue! This happened in just 4 blocks and as Jessica is so vivacious, beautiful and has such an infectious laugh, I am sure that if we had of been travelling to Bundoora that the whole tram would have been chatting to her by the end of the journey. The 2 hours at lunch just flew by; filled with laughter, talking about our lives, good food and wine. It went so quickly that Jessica needed to remind me that we needed to leave to return to the hotel. The experience was so good that I could have stayed there all afternoon just chatting to her. Back at the hotel, the rest of the afternoon just went too quickly. This is the third time I have met Jessica and the sex just keeps getting better and better, slow and sensual as you explore each other’s needs and desires. This is exactly as sex should be, so that you remember every detail, days, even weeks later. I can’t wait until I see Jessica again; unfortunately we live in different cities, so the wait only adds to the anticipation of our next meeting. - Stuart
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