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Date published: June 30, 2018 at 3:45 pm
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There is little more that can be said about Jessica that hasn’t already been covered by much better penmanship than mine .
I have to totally agree with all those testimonials!!!
Finding myself needing company in Sydney, on a cold and lonely night and having been an admirer of Jessica’s portfolio for some time , her testimonials and stunningly sexy pics can’t be ignored, I texted Jessica through SB and received a prompt rsponse .
A late booking in the evening was made , after a work dinner I had to attend . As the dinner finally finished ,I quickly farewelled my work colleagues and dashed off into the night .
Jessica’s apartment was easy to find and I was soon in her apartment, being met by a sexual goddess . Her gorgeous blond hair , luscious lips, long shapely legs leading to paradise , engaging , funny personality and sexy body soon enwrapped me in a deep , engaging kiss .
A good red wine was opened , clothes lost ,sexy soapy shower fun and a brilliant , multi orgasmic time was then spent .
I left Jessica’s apartment, legless , stumbling back to my hotel in a brain numbed , post orgasmic state of bliss .
I could go on about the many delights of Jessica , her lips , those breasts , the sweet taste below , the fun and joy of being with this gorgeous lady , but I’ll leave that for another time .
The Jessica experience would have to be the number one experience in Sydney . I did read that the Sydney Harbour bridge was the number one tourist experience, Jessica must be the number one X rated experience ( make that triple X, )
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