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Date published: December 14, 2021 at 9:05 pm
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My recent booking with Jasmine in Melbourne was only realised 24 hours prior to the actual day, when there was a realisation I had an opportunity to reach out for an opportunity to share her intimacy and passion.

Jasmine replied promptly to my initial enquiry to confirm her availability at my requested time slot, and I coordinated a deposit into her bank account later that same day.

As time progressed I was riding high on a buzz of anticipation, based on my vivid recollection of the shared energy I had been fortunate to experience during my previous bookings with Jasmine.

On the day of the booking I arrived at our rendezvous on time, and I was greeted with Jasmine’s broad welcoming smile and a passionate kiss. She turned and sashayed her lithe, tanned torso into the room, clad only in colourful lingerie that accentuated her sublime curves, sensuality and eroticism, and subsequently ignited my pheromones.

Following the briefest of formalities and social chit chat, Jasmine teasingly commented on her awareness of my very apparent arousal, as her hands explored my upper body and wandered on a journey of discovery, before she sent me in for a refreshing shower.

I returned to discover Jasmine seductively gracing the bed, and the intensity in the room escalated rapidly as Jasmine vocally encouraged me to satisfy both her and my needs throughout the duration of the booking, declaring near the end with a gorgeous smile, that her needs were completely sated and fulfilled.

With only a few minutes remaining of my booking, Jasmine happily accepted my offer to massage her torso, as we chatted about our past travel adventures, her upcoming tour interstate and her Xmas / New Year plans.

It was yet another intensely satisfying session, to which I am deeply indebted to Jasmine’s expertise.

Her cheeky yet endearing epithet added as my contact name in her mobile sent me away with a broad smile!
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