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Date published: May 16, 2021 at 10:25 pm
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A mutual change in travel arrangements made it possible for my booking to materialise with Jasmine and I was ecstatic when she confirmed her willingness to accept my request to be able to experience her expertise.

I had been prolific with my attentiveness to her social media posts and by chance the timing fitted perfectly when I was foot loose and fancy free and Jasmine was also in Melbourne.

Organising a cash deposit was very simple and straightforward as was discovering a meeting place for our first liaison.

Eye contact with Jasmine once we were in the same room discovered her choice of lingerie and flimsy robe was very flirtatious. As we exchanged our first embrace, my nerves quickly settled and my lust to explore our sexual compatibility ramped up exponentially.

I needed little encouragement to strip and shower, as I watched Jasmine with her irrepressible urge to tease and titillate me by sashaying around the bedroom as only she knows how, swaying her hips and dancing to the music that was filling the room.

I tried to recompose during the shower and after hastily drying off, I ventured into the bedroom and was greeted by a very wet kiss, and a beckoning crooked index finger to join her on the bed.

What followed for the duration of the booking was very intense and sustained, with a high level of primeval, experimental and instinctive eroticism as we both shared an extreme level of arousal.

No part of the apartment was spared as we ramped up the sensuality we were sharing, as Jasmine urged me to maintain my pace and maximise our passion.

It was a stunning introduction to the expertise of this Latina goddess.
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