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Date published: March 31, 2019 at 11:11 pm
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Gina is a wonderful young lady, intelligent, professional, beautiful and engaging. I saw Gina on the "new to scarlet blue" page and sent a fairly detailed inquiry to which Gina replied very graciously and appreciative. I felt attracted to her at this point and we started communicating sorting out screening and deposits along the way. This was all done very professionally with her unique style which also included health checks which I was happy to comply with as I do this anyway.

I had sensed there may have been some dominant side to Gina based on some of her images and profile comments and upon inquiring, Gina instantly leaped at the opportunity to fulfill my desires in this realm and this started a completely new level of conversation altogether.

Gina impressed me as a true courtesan, ensuring my desires and interests were met by communicating quite generously which I was very appreciative of so I sent a small of appreciation on her birthday prior to our meeting

Prior to our meeting we engaged in some discussion about her assuming and empowered role, some DOM/SUB play not dissimilar to slave tasks but at the level I was comfortable with. Gina revealed that she had recently undertaken professional training in this realm and was eager to pleasure her clients who were interested in this world of desire and fantasy, something I delve into every now again to mix it up and explore new boundaries

We agreed that it would probably work best if we met socially before going to play. Gina is very tall and statuesque and on the day she was dressed beautifully in a modern Qipao dress which she looked stunning in and patrons of the established seemed to think so too.

Feeling more relaxed we went to our room and Gina looked sensational as she removed her Qipao dress to reveal a wonderful Dominatrix outfit that she had posted on her private Instagram account. It was quite exciting as we had discussed this prior to meeting so she did mention on our social date what she wore underneath.

Gina has a very natural dominant character and she was obviously enjoying her freedom to express herself this way. She has the most incredible body and as in many cases photos being two dimensional just never portray the beauty of a woman in real life. I did comment how lucky she was to have the body of a teenager because she is so taut and fit, all natural and no markings, groomed immaculately and lovely and smooth all over. Our play together was a hybrid mix of GFE, PSE and DOM/SUB and afterwards my feelings about the affair were pretty much that all my desires and fantasies had been met and I felt truly satisfied in every way, and then some, that unique trait that each lady offers and Gina's is just awesome.

Gina is very open and honest and quite quirky. A lovely person embarking on a career as a courtesan after exiting the corporate world. There is so much to like about Gina.

Although sort of unrelated, it was rather a special time for me to meet someone starting out, as I had also just linked up with someone looking at retiring. It's just wonderful to be with ladies who love what they do, know what they want and how to get it and even more wonderful to see them reach their goals and be part of the journey.

Words can never describe the intimate time, the beautiful senses, tastes and orgasms but I truly appreciate the special times I have. I feel very lucky to have met so many wonderful and beautiful courtesans, as they truly are a very fulfilling part of my life.

PS Just to validate my authenticity, I have recently deleted my old profile on Scarlet Blue as I felt my email had been compromised elsewhere but you may find other posts under the name of Jeff.
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