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Date published: June 18, 2020 at 3:20 pm
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I had the good fortune of spending some time with lovely Fifi, every thing that has been written about her is true. Firstly she is a kind caring and considerate person. On first contact she replied promptly not only listing her services but providing multiple options on on were to park. Paying the deposit proved difficult as i was unfamiliar with the technology, Fifi was very apolagetic even though non of it was her fault. She then proceded to walk me through the process. On the day of our meeting Fifi sent me instructions on how to find her even offering to wait outside for me with a few wrong turns I finally met Fifi. Once in her apartment she removed her street cloths to reveal the out fit I had chosen, her beauty was on show wow she looked just as good in real life as in the photo; she gave me sensual cuddle and soft wet passionate kiss, then a glass of champagne social chat with more of those delightfull kisses in between. Once in the bedroom her skills and talent were unbelievable, the gentle touching and hands moving everywhere, her soft breath and noises were driving me wild Fifi could sense and helped me undress. After that it was one pleasurable moment after another, she had the ability to find something that drove we wild and stayed with it for a while checking in with now and again to make sure everything was ok, every thing was more than ok. Here oral skills are out of this world as is her ability to read you and stay with things that you find enjoyable. One moment I will never forget is Fifi sitting on my hips, hands caressing my shoulders, neck ears while she was dark with soft little moans. Then all of a sudden without breaking our kissing embrace she lowered hips and moved her to inside my thighs and began gently rocking back and forth. What I could feel was like another pair of hands caressing and gently cupping my balls, if the was not enough I could feel what was a pair of moist lips caressing my shaft. It felt like I was being pleasured by 2 ladies at once. The rest of the experience was just as unique. Fifi is a once in a lifetime experience that I cannot recommend highly enough. I can still see, feel, hear, smell and taste her and cannot wait to go back and experience Fifi the sex goddess and beautiful sole again
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