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Date published: November 13, 2019 at 8:43 am
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Wow. What can I say about my time with Fifi? To those who read this review of my time with her, my liaison with Fifi occurred 3 years ago, in November 2016 over the Melbourne Cup weekend! Whoever is saying to themselves, why is this guy leaving this review now? It's because when I saw Fifi, she was working at an establishment in the city and not gone solo like she is now. She's burned into my memory.

It was around 2am, and my friends had all left and gone home drunk from the casino and I was kinda drunk but didn't want to go back to my place yet. I had been to a few brothels around Australia having travelled for work for 4+ years, but not one in Melbourne and after a google search I found one midway between home and town. So, in I go, I'm told there's one girl available, a gorgeous French redhead who is very popular, she came out to meet me and straight away I knew I was in for treat.

If you have seen her selfie gallery, she was wearing one of those black body stockings, with red lingerie underneath. She took me to this huge room with a circular bed, floor to ceiling mirror and walk in shower. After talking about what I'd like, her deluxe service with all sorts thrown in, which must be her French PSE now, we exchanged paperwork and I went to shower, quickly!

She met me from the shower having removed her underwear from under the body stocking, which is still a turn on for me these days, and she started me with a fantastic covered BJ during which he let me grab her and lightly pull her hair. I'm a guy who likes it kinda rough, but not so much that anybody is too sore after. Her enthusiasm for BJ's was unparalleled for me. The best memory was when she got down on her knees, and said "Fuck my face!" In an almost demanding way, my god, incredible. That's when I could get a little rougher with the hair grabbing! Despite being a dark room, I could still see her looking up at my eyes while gagging and dribbling as I was thrusting myself toward the back of her throat. When the sex came, she had me take her from behind on the bed, she is so vocal! I love it when a woman makes noise or talks dirty. I had no idea if my skills in fucking were that good, or if she's just playing the part, but I was having so much fun. I then lied down so she could ride me for a few minutes, her rubbing her clit on my body while writhing those glorious hips back and forth on top of me while I played with her incredible boobs and pinched her nipples was an unforgettable sight. She then turned around and did me reverse cowgirl, hearing her say "Oui, oui, oui!" loudly bouncing that ass up and down just got me harder and my heart racing and wanting to go for longer. I couldn't believe I was still going, it was probably the few hours pre-drinking before. I like looking in mirrors during sex, and I don't know anyone who doesn't. I asked her if I could have her against the mirror, she loved the idea. So off the bed, she bent over in front of the mirror, me behind her thrusting and and spanking her great little ass! I could now tell I was almost done, so I asked if I could finish on her boobs, and she said yes! So she took the rain coat off me, and got down on her knees and waited for my load to cover her and it did, quite spectacularly so. BEST SEX I EVER HAD...

Unfortunately I cannot see her again as I'm not living in Australia anymore, but for any guys who read this and decide to see Fifi, it is so worth it. Come to England! Thank you my gorgeous French girl! XOXOX
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