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Date published: April 2, 2019 at 6:26 pm
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Had a one hour meeting with Queen Fifi in mid March...time was organised and some friendly banter was had....upon arrival Fifi informed me that she was running a bit late...I made a cheeky comment that maybe I should be rewarded for my patience...Queen Fifi had other ideas
Upon arrival Queen Fifi made me sit down on the ground with my back against the bed and with my head up... she then proceeded to use my face as her throne and have my tongue work both her delicious holes
Queen Fifi did not appreciate my smart ass comments and made me wear a ball gag with a dildo attached to the end...she ordered me get on the bed and lay on my back...she then teased her magnificent pussy on the dildo right in my face and slowly pleasure herself...all the whilst I had to watch in utter agony as I wanted to taste her...she states that as punishment for my smart ass remarks I’ll not be relieved and that I’ll have to go home and masturbate if I wanted to cum
Queen Fifi wasn’t done and wanted more...she took the gag off me so I can put my mouth to proper use...Queen Fifi needs both her holes to be licked and teased and I gladly accepted her request...she would instruct me when to lick her sweet nectar off my fingers before resuming my efforts in order to please my Queen
However, Queen Fifi is still not satisfied...she orders me to get on my back again and this time she puts a blind fold on me...she then runs a spike wheel all over my body and as I squirm in pain Queen Fifi warns me that the more I move the less control she’ll have and she was getting dangerously close to my privates
Queen Fifi was content with my obedience and now instructs me to lift my legs up in the air...she then says “look at you with your legs up in the air like a dirty slut” she then took out her cane and proceeded to whip my bare ass with it “I don’t hear any gratitude from you” Queen Fifi claims...I then replied “thank you Queen Fifi” with each hit I received
However my punishment was not done...Queen Fifi decides that if I’m truly remorseful for my actions I’ll have to prove it to her..and that means I’ll have to take her big rainbow dildo in my ass...although I struggled initially...I manage to take the entire thing which certainly impressed Queen Fifi
Finally satisfied with her slave... Queen Fifi bestowed me one of her great blow jobs...she maintains strong eye contact and gives the most devilish and cheeky smile while doing it
Queen Fifi being merciful decides that she will only let me cum if I’m able to keep her big rainbow dildo tightly held in my ass...she then proceeded to ride me till I was close and requested that I cum all over her perfectly shaped ass
Afterwards she whispers in my ear what she has plans for me in our next meeting
Queen Fifi is definitely the best I’ve ever had
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