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Date published: June 18, 2018 at 8:15 am
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I emailed Erika requesting a dinner date a few weeks back, she is very professional, well mannered and polite in her email responses.

I enjoyed my time with Erika at her Incall which is set out very nicely. It has a nice cozy, warm and intimate feel/ vibe when you walk in.
We ordered takeaway from the restaurant downstairs and bought it back upstairs which was a lovely choice made together. It was nice to have a quiet and intimate dinner in with her away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it was a lovely date idea I would definitely pursue again in the future with her.

I appreciate Erika’s genuine and down to earth personality when we were catching up. It puts you in a familiar and calm mood it’s as if you’re talking to an old friend who you haven’t seen in ages yet you still remember what you did together the last time you saw each other.

Our playtime together was something special and intimate that will be on my mind for quite some time, I won’t go into absolute explicit details because a true gentleman never tells, but I will say this any moment with Erika is a special moment worth taking time to enjoy and remember.

Miss Erika Myles, a proud and beautiful standing sky captain who flys so high in the skies that not even the birds can keep up with her.
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