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Date published: December 30, 2017 at 11:16 pm
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"I would really like to see her, having a soft spot for Asians ", so the message was passed on, and by the smile and catching of breath I knew it was absolutely on..I gave Erika her phone number so that they could plan and chat.All systems go and then only to wait for the 30 th.
"I also like girls" this running through my mind was thinking of the excitement running through Erika .I collected miss QP and Erika and we headed south , top garments covering what I could only imagine they were wearing.
The door closed and garments fell to the floor and they turned on me , four hands doing buttons and QP face upturned to me for continuous kissing, then felt her go for the belt she knows so well going to her knees while Erika took her place.Erika has voiced the opinion that I borrow it from some young stud and returne it after , brought a muffled giggle from QP and they both the decided that a plaster cast should be the next step of preservation.
For a first encounter with no rehearsing time flowed and like a well oiled machine we went from activity to activity as if rehearsed with flowing ease they did exactly what they wanted , with beads of moisture running rivers over us we touched the sky and QP said "ive already cum twice and Erika 's body shuddered and gasping for air rolled off , lay panting while QP wanted to continue.
We decided on one and a half hours as its always too short the hour and as the harmony flowed , saw my wings pinned to my shirt, gleaming ; that mile high club, so she gave QP one too.
Photos on Erika ' S,Blue site show complete satisfaction and they both glowing with pleasure.
Decided then and there another get together was a fuxture an absolute, so till then...
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