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Date published: July 24, 2017 at 1:02 pm
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It was mentioned,we thought about it, we discussed it, planned it, confirmed if and did it....MMF...Erica and by her which led to an instant embrace and more , while I sorted out chocklates and the necessary .
Looking up I saw that the embrace had continued and they were getting to know one another.
With my comment she broke away and came straight over and proceeded to welcome me saying " that chocklate tastes fabulous and u have that look in yr eye.
To the couch by one hand while the other was undoing shirt buttons my having given them a suck. .In the middle arms out along the couch she had no need to explain where we should be..just moved her head either side
On the left, on the right each a share of this lovely , she not leaving either of us out, she gives wholeheartedly , totally making it a mutual commitment.In her embrace I realised the lack of undies , so now knees parted the couch became too small and two handedly she led us to the room.Each with a glass of refreshment she proceeded to remove all clothing and in awe we paid homage to her on knees then reversed with out her missing a beat.
We had decided to go with the flow and it proved , for us all to work like a well rehearsed process ,she sharing affection with both and not a hesitance or awkward moment .Both of us were kept busy continually and then realized it should have been a two or three hour liason , it flowed so effortlessly and time seemed to stand still for us and none of us wanted to leave or stop,but had to as she had spent him which left me to cross the line with her.
" Still at it " his after shower comment, but the hardest thing was to leave with on going embraces and Fk we clothed , she naked ,finally after kissing the 4 girls good night I was allowed out the door , plans made for our next catch up. She is dynamic consuming passionate articulate and unbelievable a life betterment to us all , cant find words to do the meet justice,......" fantastic " might get close.
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