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Date published: September 5, 2018 at 9:26 am
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I have dreamed of joining Myles High Club one day and my dream came true recently.

Contact with Erika was simple and straight forward. On our first meeting, I was very much impressed by this beautiful, pleasant, and intelligent woman. We clicked immediately which was followed by some passionate naughtiness. Erika was excellent in both receiving and giving ends of various erotic activities. We worked fondly on each other and enjoyed waves of joy rippling through our hot bodies!

After both came down from our volcanic eruption, we enjoyed after glow chat about ourselves. Erika is so honest, cheerful and bright. I was so lucky to spend time with such a lovely woman. I would be even luckier if she were my real life girlfriend!

Finally, I would like to declear to the world that I am officially flying with Erika Myles Airways on flight EM069 as a star member of Myles High Club!

Thanks Erika! We shall do it it again!
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