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Date published: November 16, 2018 at 5:13 pm
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I first saw Emily’s web-site and as I was scrolling through the many delightful images of this most gorgeous women, I perchanced to see her laying face down on the bed wearing a pink g-string, and in that one photo I was hooked like the fish in Ernst Hemingway’s book Old Man and the Sea.

Emily’s lure (sic - keeping with fishing analogy), was her lovely long legs, pink knickers and cutest bottom, and they had me captured and snagged like a mackerel after the bait.

Since first seeing her, I have enjoyed her company often - she has a lovely nature, she has a smile to shame the sun and my time with her provides me with some of my life’s fondest memories. She never disappoints - she is sexy, sexual and a little seductress.

In the pantheon of lovely women on this particular web site, Emily shines bright and is a delight to be with. It would appear that all the other people who have written reviews of Emily agree most wholeheartedly - we cannot all be wrong about her character and personability. Emily is certainly beautiful, but she is much more than this - her friendliness, radiating personality and lovely nature are such, that beauty fades into the background in preference to these other, more delightful traits. Having said this though, her bottom and legs are truely, something special.
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