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Date published: October 27, 2018 at 11:23 pm
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If Emily was a restaurant, she would be the equivalent of Momofuku, Spirit House in Yandina or Rockpool in Sydney - she is simply a five hat rated escort and you cannot get better than that. All her other testimonials basically boil down to her exceptional good looks, her beautiful body and her delightful personality. While that remains the case, Emily is more than the simple sum of those attributes.

Having enjoyed her company for a few hours, I can say, without hesitation, that at this restaurant the entree Emily provides is world class - on meeting, the dressing on this meal is scant and colourful, and visually exciting - it's all knickers and bra that covers much but hides nothing, with cuddles and some light kissing, which reminds the diner of the pleasures likely to come.

There is only one main course and it's more than any man could ask - Emily is the fillet steak among the briskets/sausages and chops - she is the grange hermitage among the lesser brands of red wine. Emily was beautifully prepared for this diner's delights - gentle, romantic, enthusiastic and delightfully charming - she was heaven on earth. As is usually the case, the hours with her went by in a heart-beat. I eagerly await my next visit with Emily and suspect it won't be long.
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