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Date published: June 6, 2017 at 4:33 pm
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You do not meet Elixxa for the first time. You have always known her, either in this or a past life. She is that first great love of your life, she is that women in the street who took your breath away and you wished you had the courage to approach, she is that dear dear friend you have lost touch with ... Imagine being able to meet and experience all of them once again, all at the same time, all of those beautiful, transforming and enlightening memories of times past coalescing into a singularity of time - a rendezvous with Elixxa. She is that inner peace, that beautiful being that we all crave to be with, to be part of, to be immersed in ...

If you are a mature person, you will be immediately immersed in your shared experiences of life and travels, knowing that you are with someone who, well, just knows, has been 'there'. The memories of all your past loves, friendships will be rediscovered and magnified by the presence of Elixxa, her sensuality and outright sexiness.

If you are young, then you will experience the touch, the beauty, the wisdom and pure sensual and sexual intensity of this experienced soul. Elixxa has changed many lives - it will be a cathartic experience for you, and should you miss the opportunity, you will be left with the eternal and uncomfortable thought that you stood by while the 'sliding doors' closed.

... and for the visually inspired her photos are beautiful, but only a shadow of the Elixxa you will meet - simply gorgeous!
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