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Date published: March 27, 2017 at 9:19 pm
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Saw Elixxa Saturday night which extended into most of Sunday because I couldn’t let her go.

She arrived at the Hotel at exactly the arranged time in spite of her difficulties getting there - a good story over dinner.

I have seen GFE as an acronym while agonising over profiles on Escort websites, trying to decide which of a confusing array of girls would suit me. Elixxa does not give a classical girlfriend experience, I was given a TIP (Tango in Paris) experience.

From the moment I saw her I realised she was exactly what I wanted and not at all what I had expected.

She arrived at the Hotel and sent me a text as arranged. I missed it because I took a ‘phone call from a friend at exactly the same time. Unaware of the text and busy with my call, I saw her out of the corner of my eye and did not recognise her – as with most girls on Scarlet Blue, her face is not a feature of her profile. She certainly caught my eye. Elegantly dressed and poised, she fit right in to the landscape and I wished that it were her I was seeing. Then, as it turned out, it was!

It got better.

I can be a bit awkward with the conversation until I feel comfortable. I did my awkward thing at the beginning of our dinner date but she fixed it. After five minutes we were talking like old friends. You have to hear her laugh. It is a deep throaty chuckle. Irresistible!

Back in the room, from the minute she first kissed me to the moment she kissed me good-bye, I could not believe my good fortune. It was a tiny slice of love affair without any of the bad bits. I remember from my youth the spark that love affairs generate. That spark flames into a feeling of self confidence, regeneration and joy of life. I feel a little piece of that too.

I want her to be successful so I am happy to write this review and let all you other guys (and girls) know about this little treasure. If I had my choice though I would keep her just for myself. I believe I could have exclusive access for 12 months for half a million dollars if her web site can be believed. I would consider that too if I was in that league.

I will have to content myself with the occasional interlude. My life just got immeasurably better.
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