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Date published: February 7, 2017 at 10:07 pm
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The first thing that really struck me about TH was her warm and welcoming smile. We started the session by simply talking. She was quiet and calm and asked only a few questions but listened intently.
I came to the session extremely nervous. Im generally an anxious person. This has caused overwhelming issues in my personal life in regards to intimacy, and physical issues with love making. I had previous to this, attempted erotic massages that usually ended disastrously and left me feeling empty and very discouraged. I was searching for something different, something empowering, a connection, some way to help unblock the connection between the mental the physical
We started by simple breathing and touching. Of course my anxiety levels were high. It has to be said at this point that TH is physically very beautiful, and she is blessed with the softest touch I have ever felt. I never thought my heart rate and breathing would ever actually calm down. It was many years of stress and negative self belief that was being confronted here. The doubts kept seeping in but TH always kept things calm and slow. I kept following her lead closely as I could. Finally, just a small part of me started to give in, and I kept trying hard to concentrate on her words and enjoy the sensations. Bit by bit I started to give in to the flow that was creating , the fear began to dissipate and the focus became the ecstatic rising and falling that both of us were creating.
The next level was reached totally unconsciously. I began to drift in and out of what I knew as reality. Waves of ecstacy rolled and swept through my entire body and mind. My rather old fashioned interpretation of orgasm was gone. The body and mind orgasm is something totally different. Totally incredible. Finally giving into it led me to a place i actually didn’t think was possible.
TH is a beautiful, warm caring soul. I was persuing something more meaningful, a stronger connection, and a way to possibly help unblock my negative approach to intimacy. I got it. Im now indebted to you. Thank you so much
Kevin Melbourne
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