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Date published: January 4, 2017 at 10:50 am
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Having had some pervious experience with tantric practices, I was interested in more and Elixxa ’s profile looked just like what I was looking for.

In Elixxa, the woman is usually called the 'Goddess' and Elixxa is every inch a goddess.

I booked her “Honouring the Masculine” session for 90mins and had some idea of what to expect - a sensual massage type experience where when I was relaxed and I would have one or more Tantric orgasms.

When we met in person, we chatted only briefly. She said later she finds that having the session first - with minimal discussion and only later talking about it later - works best. Having experienced Tantric sessions before, this suited me.

After an initial time where we were sitting facing each other, with our legs over each other, getting to know each other’s bodies by running our hands over each other, she asked to lie face up, and started the Tantric massage. In this we both communicated through our breathing, hands and eyes - saying very little.

This is where the magic happened. For the next hour or more, I really had no idea of time passing, I was constantly hovering on the edge of orgasm and then with a subtle gesture on her part, I experienced an amazingly powerful (Tantric) orgasm.

Towards the end, just her warmly looking at me with her soulful brown eyes was enough to send me over the edge. Different from regular ejaculation orgasms, they are however every bit as enjoyable and a guy can in fact have any number of them.

My experience with Elixxa was amazing and I look forward to more. She is an exceptional woman and I highly recommend her.
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