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Date published: October 17, 2015 at 2:17 am
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For me meeting the girls that I have over the years has been an attempt to find somebody that I can connect with not only in a physical sense, but in a way where I feel like we both get to enjoy each other's company, and have a good time together. I have seen some of the supposed best girls (some that are well over $1,000 hour, and have strong reviews on this website), but only a few have made me feel completely welcome around them. And to be honest, Elixxa takes this to a whole new level.

So to stick to the script, I did a review for a booking with Elixxa in Brisbane in July, and said I would review other bookings we have had. This review is for a booking that we had a few months ago in Sydney. The session was an overnight booking, and Elixxa stayed with me in my hotel in Sydney. She even went to the trouble of picking me up at the airport, which was a fantastic way to start my time with her, and my trip to Sydney. We spent the afternoon catching up since our last meeting, and then took a walk out to get some dinner. Conversation with Elixxa is always great - you kind of feel like you're catching up with a long time friend.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel, and I had planned a slightly kinky game which I proceeded to explain to her. She was to shower, I would join her after 5 mins, and then we would start. I let her head to the shower, and then joined her as planned. After about 10mins together in the shower soaping each other, and getting reaquainted, we made our way to the bedroom, and which point I guided her down onto the bed and blindfold her. I ask her to keep her arms above her head, and her legs slightly apart. I spent the next 15-20 minutes gently caressing and kissing all over her body, and very soon, she was responding to my touch.

At this point, making sure she was comfortable, I introduced some ice, which I held in my hand, and let drip onto various spots around her body. Again, she enjoyed the different sensation, and the combination of the moisture from the ice and between her legs allowed my to let my hands and fingers start to pleasure her a bit more intensely. Starting to get quite aroused myself, we quite quickly started passionately kissing, and at this point, I helped her take the blindfold off, and we held each other closely, and kissed like lovers that couldn't keep our hands off each other. I had made sure I was covered before we got to this point, so our embraces and kisses quickly lead to a good hour of intense lovemaking.

We then ordered dessert (which was delivered by a very embarrased waiter :-)), and ended up chatting for another hour or so, before we both fell asleep.

Next morning, I wake up with my arms around her, and she smiles at me, and leans in to kiss me. We both sense the mood, and before we know it, our sexual energy has us all over each other again. This time, once the condom is on, she positions herself on top of me, and proceeds to ride up and down me, building the intensity. After a half hour or so, she lifts the speed, and collapses on me in an orgasm. We spend the next half hour just kissing, and holding each other, my usual post - Elixxa feeling of complete fulfilment putting me in the best possible mood for the day of meetings and work.

Each time I see Elixxa, our time together is new and interesting, and the script is always changing. If you want to feel completely fulfilled, and experience a level of realness that nobody else offers, then I strongly recommend you make some time to see Elixxa. She is exceptional.
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