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Date published: August 15, 2019 at 8:49 pm
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I was extremely fortunate to be able to meet with Demi on her recent tour to southern climes which just happened to coincide with a business trip

The dinner date was spent in delightful company and from the first moment I found myself charmed by this lady’s effervescence and purely natural persona.

We strolled from my hotel along the waterfront and our selection of the dining venue was spontaneous and proved to be just right.

Dinner was a delight with amazing conversation across so many interesting topics. Time with Demi is so easy as she has a great sense of humour, but also her ability to discuss such a wide range of interesting topics reflects her broad interests and reading (it appears that not owning a TV has advantages). 
Her passion for everything intellectual, wellness, health, mind, body, spirit, is infectious and as we discussed our individual approaches to life I became more entrapped in her presence. Demi is no shallow bimbo

After dinner we continued our stroll along the waterfront with such easy, natural chat. (walking along the promenade with her on my arm made me the envy of everyone we passed)

I haven’t discussed in detail the naturally flowing physical side of our evening but be assured that you easily lose track of time with Demi in and out of the boudoir
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