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Date published: January 7, 2019 at 7:25 pm
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What can I say.. I had been observing Demi's twitter and profile for a while.. An incredibly funny and outgoing lady and absolutely stunning to boot.. I kept thinking, 'wheres the catch'?? Maybe she is a psycho, or perhaps she is cold and aloof.. Well I threw my natural pessimism to the wind and requested a dinner date, to which Demi agreed..
The day of the dinner date came and I was nervous, meeting new people does that to me, but then I met her and Demi was so down to earth and fun that pretty quickly I wasnt worried about being nervous, just enjoying the chat.. We went for a wander around the town prior to dinner and investigated some a few events that were a surprise to both of us and it was an excellent time as Demi was outgoing and positive and just full of life and energy and positively adorable! Plus she can hold a conversation like nobodies business and couple that with a wicked [and slightly naughty] sense of humor.. She is simply divine!
After dinner we adjourned to the bedroom where basically she is just as adorable, though a tad more naughty!
Definitely will be seeing Demi again and do yourself a favor and see her, you wont regret it!
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