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Date published: January 18, 2019 at 8:49 am
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Wow! Daisy is like breath of fresh air, a cool breeze on a hot summers night and a calming touch when you need to relax.

Daisy is the type of girl who knows how to make you feel at ease. A smart girl who has a zest for life and can hold a decent conversation about anything. Her beautiful pics are one thing but beholding her in the flesh is next level awesome.

Her beauty is beyond what you see here in her amazing photos and through some chatting it doesn’t take long to realize she seems REAL. Which, for me is a deal maker.

Time with Daisy was a pleasure in every sense of the word.

Being new to this, talking with Daisy to arrange a booking was effortless. Communicating further about details and other things was easy and her understanding of my newness, willingness to answer questions and eagerness to be accommodating was greatly appreciated. For me, this made it clear we would have a good time and made me want to book her for another hour (2 all up). I didn’t want to rush this and I’m so glad I had more time with her.

I brought her some Shiraz which she loved and opened right away. We enjoyed it while chatting before, between and after some passionate and intense loving. Had some great laughs as well (she even accidentally spilled the wine on the bed).

Had a fantastic time with Daisy and looking forward to being one of her “Regs” if she’ll have me.
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