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Date published: September 1, 2014 at 10:03 pm
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I am not that fond or writing reviews as I don’t believe that I have the right to judge a person, particularly in the escort industry, which as someone stated “is as personal as it gets”. So to have this practice of reviewing someone who just gave “their all” to you, and then, some how degrade the whole experience into acronyms that describe the services provided, whilst hiding behind a computer screen, seems a "little" unfair. But it does seem to be a give back as well, so here I go.

I first met Chloe several months ago when she toured in Sydney. I had read every word on her website and was intrigued. I have since gone back and re-read her website after several meetings only to realise, that it was always right there, staring me in the face. She is totally honest and factual, from photos, selfies and descriptions of who she is and why she enjoys her life as an elite courtesan.

I still remember the first time we met in the lobby, when she sought my assurance that, I was the gentleman in question, by so sweetly looking me in the eyes with her deep soulful eyes and asking my name to confirm I was her man. She is breathtakingly beautiful, porcelain skin, exotic oriental mix with a stunning figure. Dressed in fine clothes and accessories with a sophisticated yet warm demure. Intelligent, holds two degrees and has a gentleness about her world.

I saw Chloe for a couple of hours on a few occasions and more recently had a few wonderful evenings requesting, what she describes as, "A Dinner Indulgence with the SULTRY SAKAI- Wild, Kinky and Adventurous". This turned into an evening of erotic and kinky adventures, dominace and submission, of romance and a wonderful dinner where I couldn’t help but notice how she attracted attention, adoration from men and approving glances from women. Typical Chloe, she just does everything so well. So it was, with all these elements fusing together that, at the end of the evening, I couldn’t help feeling like we were two lovers enjoying an evening of fine food and each other. Chloe is the quintessential courtesan, the type wiki defines as: the type of courtesan known (in Italy) as the cortigiana onesta, or the honest courtesan, who was cast as an intellectual.

Our on going arrangements are becoming more enjoyable and engaging, something becoming quite special to me and a benefit of becoming a regular acquaintance.

Chloe is always so accommodating to any request or honestly answers what may not be so natural for her. Always so positive in her attitude, and I feel so humbled when she is pleased that I wish to see her again. She has a growing group of peers who always tweet about her remarkable nature.

She lives interstate, so getting together with work pressures and family life creates a lot of planning effort for Chloe, yet she always seems so happy to oblige and make changes to accommodate.

I genuinely feel honoured to have met Chloe and to know her so intimately. She is one of the most special courtesans I will ever know, so honest, so natural, so erotic and so loving.
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