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Date published: July 22, 2017 at 1:45 pm
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Cece Reign…what more can be said about this gem? Having initially seen her in that green bikini on one of her web pages, I have looked forward to meeting her. Knowing I would be coming into Sydney this week, I made arrangements as far back as three months ago. I did have doubts as to whether a meet would ever happen as it was so far away and she seemed to be constantly busy and travelling. Still, I left it on the back burner while gather information on meetings details and what needed to be done. To those who expect an instant response from her and then get upset when she doesn’t, please don’t. She admits herself to being a little slow to respond plus she has her own life and things to do. This is not 24/7 for her (Actually, this is for all escorts. C’mon guys, give the girls a chance. It would piss you off if someone kept pestering you for answers (Sometimes to inane questions) if you were out and busy).

Finally, the day came closer and even at that point, after paying the deposit and more (I would have paid the whole amount up front), I still wondered if we would meet. But meet we did! Yay!!. A 6 hour session was arranged and me working on her Twitter persona of a sex hungry want it every minute porn star asked for a PSE/Meal/GFE session. However, what happened after that went against all previous thoughts and plans. A shy looking blonde beauty stood in front of me at the meeting place asking if she could sit! Quite the opposite of this seemingly brazen sex siren. She admitted to nerves as did I but a few glasses of wine after, we were chatting pretty comfortably about all sorts of things. Her dreams, her aspirations etc. I think a lot forget that even though she has been round a few years, she is still very very young and a person who has had to grow up rather quickly. I did mention that she should try and do as many things 20 year olds do now before she finds that time has passed and she has missed out. Happily, she is already in the process of doing a little bit more for herself.

I won’t go into detail regarding the bedroom antics. There has been enough written about what she can do. But I will say I so enjoyed working on that wonderful pussy and ass of hers. I spent more time down there then anything. I think she did appreciate that lol. She is giving and generous in bed and game for most things. She has a really sweet way of walking on her toes as she goes to and from the bathroom…as if she is trying to not make too much noise. And at that point, you appreciate what a smoking hot body she has as she walks back and forth. So very curvy. We talked further and I dangled a little carrot in front of her for the future. I am hoping she grabs it. Lets see. What started initially for me as a wild wham bang thank you ma’am PSE turned into a very nice intimate GFE. And she is very good at that. A bit of an overlooked portion of her arsenal it seems.

There is still so much in front of this girl Cece….and I hope to be along for the ride to see where she goes and what she does. It should be quite the ride. Cece, thank you for everything. I hope to see you again soon.
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