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Date published: April 30, 2019 at 3:36 pm
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My favourite things about the very special, the ever so stunning and the very addictive and intoxicating Cece, in no particular order… I could easily have a bigger list.
· Her soft, sweet, petite voice.
· Her genuine personality, she enjoyed being in my company, she derived pleasure in pleasing me.
· Her interest in galleries, museums and different cultures, her willingness to discuss with me where she has visited and what she has seen, where she is keen to visit.
· Her willingness to engage in conversation, it was so easy just chatting with Cece.
· Her delicate skin.
· Her personal assistant Rebecca, I’ll elaborate, organising/scheduling/arranging to spend time with Cece, is so easy and efficient with Rebecca, thank you so much Rebecca.
· Her smile, it is a smile that calmed and relaxed me, it welcomed me into her warm embrace.
· Her soft lips. When I kissed Cece my heart rate went through the roof. They say sex is great exercise, well when I merely kissed Cece, I’m sure I burned through loads of calories.
· Her unbelievable peach of a bum, seriously I could look at her bum all day long, it is so peachy.
· Her willingness to accept pleasure from me, she enjoyed me to taking control.

Thank you Cece for a wonderful time, you are incredible, Chris xxx
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