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Date published: May 22, 2018 at 9:02 am
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After missing her earlier Sydney trip, I was very pleased to be able to find a time to see Carrie this last weekend. In making the booking, she asked what it was that drew me to her, and that was difficult to say. I had been following Carrie on Twitter and loved her quirky, honest, authentic persona, her questioning mind and the fact that here was someone prepared to show that there are things she cares about. My only complaint about the booking was that it was too short ... in my right mind, I would have arranged to spend all morning with Carrie. I will not describe Carrie's looks .. she has been generous enough to include some beautiful photos on her profile and while they can never do justice, I am sure that you already have the idea if you are reading this. Nor will I describe the blow by blow of our physical encounter .. you will create that yourself in your own way when you do the only sensible thing - write that respectful email or text and make a time to see Carrie. When the appointed time comes, after an agonising wait, you will meet a passionate, sensitive, responsive companion who will respond to your touch and your needs and share generously of herself with you. Thank you Carrie. You are one of a kind.
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