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Date published: September 20, 2018 at 8:21 am
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After a number of previous bookings with Carrie I believe it’s time that I penned a testimonial to her after a wonderful extended date with this beautiful companion.

Having already had four dates with Carrie, including a previous overnight booking (which was also a night that will never to be forgotten), an opportunity arose for another extended date not long afterwards. As we discussed our plans for this date it was evident that this was going to be another wonderful period of time spent with this delightfully cheeky but deeply sensual woman.

On arriving to pick Carrie up at the location we had planned to use for this date I was greatly surprised to find her dressed as I had jokingly suggested, rather than ready to head out to our first activity of the day. When I say dressed, this is using the word loosely as Carrie was barely wearing a silk robe over very sexy sleepwear. After a quick hello she took my hand a guided me to the bedroom which was the perfect start for a very special and intimate extended period of time together.

After freshening up we then headed off to the first activity at a local attraction that Carrie was interested in but never visited. Who would of expected that she would have run into someone she knew, let alone fairly close friends, at this attraction. Thankfully no awkwardness ensued.

For the next 90 minutes we undertook a tour that was intriguing and at times a little disturbing. With the tour finished we then drove to a quaint little village where we ate lunch at a quirky little cafe that served a selection of meals and a truly amazing smoothie menu, this was despite horrendous table service and initially being offered the meals ordered by another table (we preferred our own choices). From being famished to satiated it was time to head back to our base location for a time of fun, frivolity and recovery before the evening activities commenced. This trip included a brief detour and stop to acquire a game for which a challenge had earlier been issued by Carrie and would be used later in the evening.

An afternoon of wonderful intimacy, entwined bodies, quiet orgasms and relaxing cuddles ensued, including a preparatory nap for the evening that was to follow.

Soon it was time to shower, dress and head back out to a little Jazz Club where two world class local musicians were performing. This setting allowed for whispered conversations to continue over an excellent dinner and indulgent dessert. The Jazz duo were excellent only overshadowed by the stunningly beautiful companion I was dining with. Meal finished and performance over it was time to head back to our base for the night.

Only settling back indoors the moment came for the commencement of the challenge that had been set, to see who would be crowned “Mastermind” for the night. At this point I must bow to the incredibly smart Carrie who showed grace and humility in allowing me to tie the challenge with her and maintain a semblance of dignity, if that was ever possible while be summarily destroyed by Carrie while playing Mastermind naked.

After more intimate snuggles it was eventually time to retire for the evening and it was a delight to fall asleep with Carrie in my arms.

The next morning started relatively early as we both had previous commitments requiring us both to be elsewhere but there was still enough time for a proper farewell that ensured my last memories of this time with Carrie would be one of wonderful intimacy in the company of this simply gorgeous and sensual woman.

Till next time Carrie, and thank you for another wonderful experience in your company.

Mr Mastermind
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