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Date published: July 29, 2017 at 1:41 pm
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After making a booking that required a date set many months ahead, the day for a first booking with Carla finally arrived. Meeting in the lobby of Carla's hotel was like meeting an old friend I hadn't seen in years but that I felt immediately reconnected and comfortable with. Sighting this elegantly gorgeous lady walking straight towards me, then introducing herself with a warm hug and kiss completely removed any remaining nervousness and apprehension i had. Carla then sat down next to me in a more private area of the lobby lounge and we just talked, laughed, hugged - it felt like like this meeting with Carla was always meant to be.

After chatting for a short while Carla suggested that we head up to her room and what followed was a time of wonderful intimacy and sensuality. A stunningly beautiful curvy woman, with natural breasts that are simply amazing, Carla has a body that oozes sexuality. Her most engaging attributes though are her beautiful smile, smoking green eyes and an intelligence that both stimulates and intrigues.

Eventually I was completely satiated/spent/exhausted and it was time to disentangle ourselves from each other to shower as I had made a booking for us at a favourite restaurant for dinner. Again over our meal I was totally captivated by Carla and as we had already noted many areas of mutual interest conversation flowed easily and openly. Finishing dinner it was time for a leisurely walk back to Carla's hotel and a coffee (and a sneaky chocolate) before I reluctantly said my goodbye.

On arriving home I received a lovely thank you message from Carla which capped off a most wonderful dinner date with a beautiful, enchanting and intelligent companion.

Thank you for Carla for such a memorable date and I am already very much looking forward to our next time together. xxx
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