testimonials for Carla Rinaldi

Date published: June 14, 2016 at 1:02 am
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What a charming young woman Carla is. I saw her a while back and meant to write a review then got busy. Sorry Carla.

We had a few messages in the days leading up to our date and I was happy with how good her communication is. She is really warm and friendly.

On the evening I got a text she was in the bar and got up to look for her and was really pleased with what I saw. She's very attractive indeed and better than her photos. Her smile lights up the room. I thought she looks like a famous sexy media person and when I told her she laughed and said she gets that a lot from people, even strangers in the street.

I am an older fellow and like to talk a bit, probably to much, and chatting to Carla was great. She's travelled around the world, held all sorts of jobs and kept me interested while we had our dinner.

As our plates were cleared, she seemed keen to get me to the room and grabbed my hand and led me to the elevator. She grabbed me for a kiss in the lift and I liked her soft lips.

The fun really started in the room with Carla stripping to reveal one of the sexy numbers she wears in the photos. She led me to the bedroom, undressed me, got to her knees and started giving me very enthusiastic deep throat in front of a long mirror. It was so hot seeing her nose squashed against my pubic bone and that beautiful face in my groin. She knows how to suck!

Onto the bed we jumped and Carla assumed reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl. It wasn't long before I felt that familiar twitch and Richard Junior decided it was time to spray her tits with cum. Did I mention how great those tits are? Big, heavy, natural ones, but still pretty firm.

I only come to Melbourne a few times a year but hope she's around next time. A beautiful woman inside and out.
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