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Date published: June 8, 2019 at 10:29 am
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Since my last review of Brookelyn, I was fortunate enough to spend an entire evening with this beautiful woman and the memories I shared with her will last me for a lifetime.

Her conversation skills during dinner was exquisite and flowed from one topic to the next. She made me feel so comfortable that it didn't seem like it was only the second time we've met. Her smile was intoxicating, her laugh contagious and after she's had a few drinks, she can be downright cheeky in the best possible way.

After finishing dinner, not realising that 3 hours has flown by, we went back up to our room. We both quickly showered and freshened ourselves up for a night of unbelievable passion. Numerous positions were attempted in various locations of our suite. From the couch, the kitchen table, reading/sun bed and finally to the bedroom, it felt like we didn't let each other go as we both experienced multiple orgasms throughout the evening. Safe to say that the housekeeping department would not have been happy with us considering the mess we made ;)

A night of well deserved rest followed before waking up the following day where the beautiful Brookelyn cuddled up beside me and whispered, ever so softly, that she simply loves to have sex early in the morning. I duly freshened myself up again and we both climaxed one more time even before breakfast was served.

This woman, gents, is as good as it gets and if you treat her well, she will reward you with the best time you will ever have.

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