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Date published: May 29, 2016 at 4:10 pm
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I have just been taken to “Sexual Heaven” by the angelic Brooke Michaels. Brooke states on her web page that she is a multi-orgasmic thrill ride and that she thinks of herself as the naturally beautiful girl next door with a kooky sense of humour and an instinct for laughter. On the other hand she has also told me that she loves men, fucking and sucking cock, but I’m not sure in which order. I can confirm that all of these are true and that the beautiful Brooke, who is charming, intelligent, passionate, kind and a joy to spend time with will appreciate the attention lavished on her and return it many times over. I don’t need to go into her natural charms or how easy communication with her is as these are readily seen on her websites and detailed in other reviews, but after seeing Brooke 3 times I know she is the sort of girlfriend that I always wished I had, had.

The first time I met Brooke it was initially a little awkward but she quickly put my nerves at ease, now when we meet its like it was only yesterday we parted she is so easy to get on with. I think it is fair to say that Brooke is not one of those ladies who dominates her client and her whole objective is to bring you pleasure and to make you happy. However; Brooke is not a mind reader and greatly appreciates being advised as to what you like. Personally I love foreplay and have always found fucking to be an anticlimax. Brooke is extremely passionate and met my every desire in this respect, the fondling, kissing, caressing, cock sucking (boy is she good), 69 and the feeling of Brooke lying on top of me, kissing me and slowly moving her body to heighten the sexual desire will never be forgotten. I have always found “coming” to be difficult but after the extensive foreplay this just seemed to happen so naturally with Brooke, to be followed by a time of just cuddling together and chatting. Brooke is not one of those ladies who sits on their elbow after sex just waiting for you to leave, she still gives you her undivided attention.

I hope that I managed to return the favour to Brooke; that she gave to me by bringing her some pleasure as well. I think that this might have happened, as the sight of Brooke achieving multiple orgasms is so beautiful and one that all men should have, as her body convulses, her eyes roll back and her open mouth emits sounds of pleasure. Her web pages are almost an understatement as to her enjoyment in this respect.

I look forward to the next time we can meet and for anyone looking for the ultimate experience with a woman (not a girl). I would highly recommending spending at least a few hours with Brooke, as she is a very special lady.

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