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Date published: October 5, 2016 at 10:57 am
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At last, the rest of the adventure, the day the time the wait all over.
The door swung open and no hiding here, full on arms outstretched getting hold of mine and tugged into paradise. Probably a result of the friends introduction and on going texts and calls no need for formalities .with Brianna it's all or nothing arms entwined and experience backed kisses it was all systems go from the start.
Expert at undoing buttons and there went the shirt so down came the shoulder straps. Don't know how they slip their arms up behind and unfastened the clasp.with their release I pulled her in close " TOYOTA" truly oh what a feeling. See photos , know why.
At this stage both stepped out of the last garments and from explored sensations knees a wobble we hit the matrass.With legs forever crossed behind my back and mutual dialog, absolutely vital, we went from strengthe to strength making it clear what we wanted and did.straining against each other looking each other in the eye went for every possible option ,which was all of them
She lying back holding me in a vice like grip with verbal instruction catching her breath and cried out in pure joy with hands gripping the sheets, knuckles white with the urgency of her dropping back to normality
One down 3 more to go, and the passion took hold again, there's just not getting enough of this woman .On her tummy kisses from head to foot and a lingering midriff before her feet rub, then on the side some spooning, again the shudder as our hands and lips locked and both bodies strained to their full extent waiting to snap.
We took no notice of the clock , more important things to take care of now the time for her to bring me to fusion , looking into her eyes hands locked behind her head knees tightly together could feel the urgency right from the toes a wall of sensation rushing at me to engulf us both and I told her so .
She released my hands and threw them around me as tight as a chain lock add the flood hit us both, legs now entwined both gasping for air " I felt that and still do".she whispered
Now where do u get to experience that , like a lifetime of sharing with not a fragment of discord or mistrust.It only happens a few times in life's travels . This road I will travel again
Neither of us wanted to stop or part but the base set in concrete meant it's on going and both agreed longterm .So the hour plus passed with out a pause or ruffle of feathers but a pact sealed in pure harmony which has not let up since then a truly wonderful and unique experience an enrichment of both lives indestructible bond of immeasurable worth.
How does one get enough of this woman in a life time?? To fill the casum it leaves after that kiss and hug at parting with still as much magical desire to do it again
It will be hard to balance the event with the everyday mundane events. But I'm going back to find out from the only Brianna P.
Thank goodness for the introduction.
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