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Date published: September 7, 2016 at 9:37 am
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A friend in Perth said in no uncertain terms "see Brianna she's out of this world and I've given her yr number"
Only a while and a text showed , and so started the Brianna adventure.Not long and I realised why they were friends, as the saying goes " birds of a feather" and the finest at that, up there with the best both warm, down to earth , sincere, loyal, impeccable manners , finess, playful banter with no lack of imagination and spirit, a rare find and not many of this category to be found? , a jewel of unimiginational worth.
All set to get to Perth then saw her tour to Brissy, so date and time set and long days ahead.Fate stepped in and the flu stepped in so after many texts and remedy advices ,finally back to normal and a reschedule for Sunday 11 th afternoon will prove to have some siginificanice and all the experience tested and tried for this phenomenal meeting.
5 days , long and tedious where patience will be tested imagination will attack concentration nerve endings will be frayed, quite a harrowing experience let alone the 6 hour drive and insanity of Brisky traffic
Wow why do we do this to ourselves??
It's that serch for the holy grail that epitome of beauty the " click" which here has already been covered, and all the other factors not mentioned
So till Sunday then Brianna.............to be continued

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