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Date published: March 16, 2020 at 6:07 pm
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Week before last I spent an amazing afternoon with Brianna and Vivienne Black, The #Dreamteam. I feel compelled to write something, however inadequate the words will be in describing the incredible experience these two stunning women gave me. It was my first threesome and the butterflies were certainly at play in my stomach as I arrived. But within minutes their charming and witty banter put me completely at ease. After a shower I was greeted in the bedroom by both woman in eye popping lingerie accentuating their magnificent figures, Vivienne with her jet black hair and Brianna with her flaming red hair hanging sexily over one breast. Initially they took gentle command over me moving together in a perfect harmony….. one above, the other below, and together below, their lips and mouths creating sensations I had never dreamed of. The pace certainly quickened as I was pushed back onto the bed and again with an unrehearsed synchronicity, they together explored me, explored each other and allowed me to sample their delights until I was spent. I even now close my eyes and think about the time we simply lay quietly together……. hugging, stroking, touching, whispering. For those hours they gave me their dream; they made the dream they create together a reality for me. I will be back to taste your gifts again, magnificent ladies.
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