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Date published: March 6, 2019 at 9:07 pm
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I met Brianna for the first time FINALLY, and she met all of my expectations. Down-to-earth, friendly, and when I saw her in person for the first time...oh...my. She was then/still is jaw-droppingly beautiful, and when we got to the fun stuff...I was so blown away by the whole experience that I could barely stand afterwards. A fine companion and an amazingly talented lover, honestly though I am not sure I could really use words to adequately describe her.
I think if you have a pulse, with blood flowing through your veins from that pulse, then you cannot really say that you have experienced all the pleasures of life until you have met Brianna. I wrote this for her afterwards, to help with the struggle of trying to formulate words of my experience.

This is a poem I wrote for Brianna Price,
who is a most amazing human being.
Not only is she genuinely-honest and nice,
your eyes won't believe what they are seeing.

How do you describe one like she,
with silk-spun amazing red hair.
A woman who can make you weak at the knee,
when you're ensnared by her sexy-sultry stare.

Before I met her for my first time,
I admit I was 100% obsessed.
To adequately describe what I felt with rhyme,
that obsession grew one hundred-fold when she undressed.

By all the gods and by Odin's Raven,
words cannot begin to fully describe.
She is what you would find at the perfect haven,
the fountain of youth that all wish to imbibe.

You could very well say that she is the meaning of life,
the chance to see her is all the motivation one should need.
Forever grateful that she is not another person's wife,
melting the most iciest hearts filled with unending greed.

I could die today and have little regret,
the thought of her brings me so much.
Like a loyal wookie repaying a life-debt,
I patiently await the next time to experience her touch.
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