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Date published: March 29, 2018 at 7:34 pm
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A few weeks ago I managed to secure a booking with this beautiful, special women. At the time of the booking I was a virgin with a few issues and insecurities. Not to mentioned my nervousness in booking to see a companion. I sent Bianca a long email outlining my issues, concerns and lack of experience. In one day I had a long understanding reply and an outline of how she could help me. Bianca requested a call to discuss further. After chatting to her I immediately felt at ease and confident that this was the right lady for me to see. Bianca made the booking process so easy.

The day arrived and I have to say that I was a nervous wreck. I met Bianca at her lovely apartment; she opened the door wearing an elegant black dress. As I walked in my heart skipped a beat. Bianca is beautiful! and in that dress with her amazing body she was way out of my league. We had a glass of wine and started chatting, it was Bianca’s idea as she new that I would be very nervous and the drink would ease my tension, a really nice touch and shows how much she thinks and cares about each booking. Talking to this lady you quickly realise there is so much more to her than a profile and beautiful pictures on Scarlet Blue. She has great conversation and can discuss all topics, from business, to sport and everything in-between, as well as providing some counselling.

I showered and joined her on the bed. Bianca by this time was wearing very revealing lingerie. She quickly and gently took control, never pushed the boundaries, kept making sure that I was comfortable and guided me through the experience.

Out of absolute respect for this classy lady I will not provide the finer details of what happened behind the closed doors. All I can say is that she is a Goddess in the bedroom. A body to die for, she enjoys what she is doing, never once clock watched and every minute of the booking she focuses on pleasing you. Her kisses are passionate and the way she touches, caresses and works on every inch of your body was electrifying.

Sadly the time was over too quickly. I walked down the road and wondered why I had been so nervous and anxious, as Bianca had made me feel at ease and special while we were together. Everything was professional and classy from the booking, to the drink to ease my tension, to the bedroom and even an amazing sms the next day to follow up and check how I was feeling.

Any client reading this and you are inexperienced, a virgin, needing a little bit of help; then I recommend giving this lady a call. She will treat you well.
Clients that do book to see her; all I can say is treat her well and give her the best time, as she deserves only the best. Her demands are simple, be polite, treat her with respect and be a gentlemen. The rest she will give back more than you can dream of.

Thank you Bianca for being my first and a lovely evening. You will never truly know how much you have done for me, and helped me to start dealing with my insecurities and issues. I cannot wait to see you again.
Take care,

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