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Date published: April 8, 2017 at 3:53 pm
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Passion and compassion in perfect symbiosis. A breadth and depth of humanity hanging off every word, every syllable enunciated rhythmic and intoxicating.  Mesmerising and captivating. Visceral and instinctive.  Engaging, alluring, enticing - a peel of laughter. Grounded, of the earth. The rawness of your energy and the way you seemed to envelop me, consuming me, overwhelming all of my senses.  The way you held me and responded to my touch, guided me and gave yourself wholly in the moment.  The sinews of your neck taut with your head back, hair cascading around your shoulders, moistened lips parted, your curled tongue caressing them seductively. Your eyes beckoning me to explore your soul.  The softness of your skin, the smell of coconut oil, nipples hardening before my eyes, responding in a way that made me yearn for you. Entwined and entangled, perspiring and perceptive.  Your wetness flowing across my lips, the sense of abandon as you pulled me deep inside you and your smile - ethereal and ephemeral - transitioning to an intensity borne of deep lust and desire drawn from the very depths of your being.  The expression of ecstasy on your face as your orgasm cascaded through you - pulsing, driving, wave after wave.

And as my racing heart finally starts to slow, a resounding sense of being at peace with the world; lying on your bed, connected by the lightest of touch and a flow of words drifting between us, the musicality of which I can still hear swirling around in my head. 

A stream of consciousness gradually morphs into a tableau that I will cling to for a very, very long time.

Thank you Bianca
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