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Date published: February 20, 2017 at 9:18 am
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Why did I want to see Bianca? I had called her among a few numbers one Monday afternoon. I was very tense and frustrated at work and needed some kind of release. I tried several other escorts, but after yet another 'please record your message after the tone' she rang back. I was pleasantly surprised by her friendly tone. No awkward or affected moment here - just a straight forward and understanding conversation, making me feel completely comfortable.

Unfortunately she was not available immediately but she made me feel it would be worth the wait, and I booked an hour with her next morning. I had time to think about what I really wanted, and it was far more than a release of tension. I needed to reinvigorate myself - I was completely lacking in masculine confidence after many years without truly making love to a woman. I subconsciously knew it was in me, the skills and imagination were just bottled up somewhere I couldn't access, and I had been afraid to take charge of them. What a waste!

When I arrived, there she was - a dark haired pocket rocket with abs to die for (I am a sucker for petite dark haired girls, especially ones with a bit of muscle definition!) and that same, easy going, open, chatty way about her. That hour has completely rebuilt my self esteem, and Bianca made it happen so easily! An hour of intensity and passion, all the time with that relaxed, familiar, knowing feeling which she somehow imposed on me. Where had all that tension and diffidence gone? Bianca had worked her magic. I am now certain in the knowledge that I am a fit, agile, skilful and imaginative lover who knows his way around the female body. Much of this is because I know she had a great time too.

Bianca is a very special person with a deep understanding of what makes men tick, deserving of great respect. She might just have changed a very important thread of my life during that hour.
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