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Date published: February 14, 2016 at 7:55 pm
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This date had been a long time coming. A certain gentleman - who shan't remain nameless - and I had been singing the virtues of Ms Aubrey Black since before we had met in Sydney at August drinks. We had discussed that if all our paths crossed in the same city, a sexy catch-up with Aubrey would be a fun way to spend the night. As chance would have it, I was to be in Brisbane for a family visit at a time when the planets - and our diaries - aligned.

Checking into a suite with fabulous views of the Brisbane river and Story Bridge, we found it hard to contain our excitement. We'd agreed on a casual Japanese dinner, followed, of course, by playtime. The minutes ticked by so slowly and we had both showered and got ready a good hour before Aubrey reached the hotel. When the phone beeped announcing her arrival I suggested to my partner-in-crime he could welcome Aubrey and bring her up. I thought he'd want the joy of greeting her by himself, but if truth be told I wanted the impact of watching her walk through the door. I wasn't disappointed.

Casually dressed in black tights which showed off that perfect arse and a sexy bronze top, her smile lit up the room. You know how some people's eyes light up and twinkle when they smile? Aubrey's could have illuminated the Brisbane CBD. This delightful woman is so thoughtful and generous she came bearing Valentine Day's gifts. Such a sweetheart. We spoke of going to dinner and Aubrey went to freshen up....only to surprise us by coming back into the room in in a lacy black number, with stockings and heels. Okkkkkay, Japanese will have to wait!

Having waited for this moment for many months, I wasted no time and pulled Aubrey to me and started kissing her, while my hand explored her glorious butt. Round, firm and so fuckable. Lust overcame me and within a few minutes the lacy number had gone and I was feasting on her arse. Mmm....arse became pussy and soon my face and hair were coated in the glorious nectar of this wonder's pussy. I hear a voice behind me exclaim "Save some for me!" and so I moved aside to watch Aubrey's pussy enjoy an expert licking. This is a man who has pleasured a few women and as I was to find out later, has an expert tongue.

The hours disappeared as Aubrey demonstrated her most impressive vacuum sucking skills and we suddenly realised it was nearly 10pm, we hadn't eaten and were starving! Giving up on Japanese, we quickly ordered sustenance from room service and somewhat sustained, chatted and played for a few more hours. Things that stick in my memory are Aubrey in cowgirl riding like a devil possessed. Aubrey coaxing another orgasm out of a cock in the throes of ecstacy while the owner fought to stay on the brink and also the laughter. Sex and chatter, sucking and giggling, pumping and moaning, then fits of hysteria over something inappropriate. What's better than horny, fulfilling sex mixed with laughter? We eventually fell asleep, although Aubrey and I kept joking and giggling and I felt like I was back at boarding school again. We would just quieten down, then one of us would say something silly and the giggling would start again. Whoops!

In the morning we woke up slowly and went down to enjoy a decadent buffet breakfast on the terrace overlooking the river. Smiles all around and more laughter before it was time to say our goodbyes.

Aubrey and Brok-her, thank you for a wonderful night that will stay in my memory for a long time to come!
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