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Date published: October 26, 2017 at 11:50 am
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I'm not generally the sort of man to leave a review, but I guess Armarni in so many ways blew my mind.
Not only in her appearance with the most amazing eyes and full lips, and her body wow I will get to that in a bit. She had best personality I have come across she's a full on type of girl in private and is modest upon arrival- something I desire.
Saturday night We had a 4 hour dinner Date back in the privacy of my holiday appartment. Wish I had arranged for over night. We had a delicious meal in more well say relaxed attire... my favourite part of our company time was hopping into the spa bath in the room which the window wasn't only the nice view. Her honesty and genuine interest in me and what I had to say took my breath away. Soon enough after conversing and seductive glancing only needed a look in her eyes One thing led to another. You men if you are like me and like a woman with thick sexy thighs you will love when you can finally run your hands up between them. I like anticipation and I had patiently waited longing to kiss her full lips also being in the bath with no clothes waiting for glance before I got to touch close to her thighs.
To the part your really wanting to know about the bedroom play, I went Sultry Gfe- and am I glad I did. I'm not one for receiving massage so I layed her down on her belly and rubbed the oil all over her beautiful back down to her toes, relaxing back then up her legs to her big round bum getting closer and closer. Wow she was so wet, and let's just say she is so sweet and pulsating, her grip incredible. She flipped over and I massaged her breasts so perky and firm all while she kissing me so seductively.
I've never seen a girl who orgasm so much, no not just noisey litterally cums. She is so sweet and honestly has the most amazing pair of natural breasts I have ever seen. She loves Spanish and has a nice round bum too. Was never really a fan of head but she blew me away, the most incredible feeling. She did it in a loving but dirty way something I didn't think could be said in the same sentence. When finally was time still cannot believe the hold on me was like she didn't even have move to do what she do. Pulsation when coming and keep going over and again.
I could tell when she was on top of me the way she moved her hips she could dance- big plus for me always like watching seductive dancing a little too much- her face captivated me can see the Russianish face shape Egypt dark features with most piercing green eyes , lips wow. I'm not usually one for tattoos but hers are very sexy to me, unique and suit her in every way almost attract me- when she derobbed I was like well salam, there's just something about her as a whole and guys if your from different cultural backgronds like myself you will love her and you will get on well. If anything you will like her too much.
I've never really written much like this before but when I told her I wanted she said for just be honest. Hope not to rude.
I wish I lived close cause I would like Armarni every time I'll fly you to me sometime. the man who marry Armarni some day is one lucky man heart golden honest. By the way you look even better with your skin light from cold winter I think but lucky to get nice skin either way.
See you soon again I hope
thankyou again sweetheart. ️
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