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Date published: September 17, 2017 at 6:52 pm
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I have had the great fortune to meet Aria on a number of occasions. Every meeting has been wonderfully different and yet equally amazing.

Aria is confident, beautiful and intelligent and at the same time attentive, kind and intriguing. From short bookings, dinners and attending events together, we have had great variety. In every situation, Aria is the perfect companion. A wonderful dinner guest, a lover with many interests, Aria is a great companion in public, turning heads wherever we have been. Once alone however, being with Aria moves to another level, knowing what awaits gives a sense of great anticipation, while dinner finishes or the show comes to an end. Aria is very comfortable taking the lead and equally accommodating if you know what you want.

I have also been fortunate to participate in a double with Aria and there too, her skills and personality shines bright. Treat Aria well and she will treat you well. I highly recommend Aria at home in Sydney, or when she is on tour. As you can see, Aria is a beautiful young woman and has an amazing presence in person. Add to that, her rich education, well traveled life, and breadth of experiences and you will be as thrilled as I have been to spend time with this outstanding companion. I can't wait to see Aria again.

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