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Date published: August 6, 2017 at 4:57 pm
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I have recently spent six days in Paradise with Anya. While the location
was amazing, ... truly and utterly amazing, the truth is the quantum
transformation into a Paradise - a paradise beyond description from our
earthly frame-of-reference - was brought about by the magic of Anya.

I have met Anya a few times and obviously adored her enough to want to see
her again and again, and ultimately decided to meet her for more than just a
few hours. When we met for days rather than a time-constrained evening, an
existential transformation in our bubble of shared-existence took place. It
takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it now.

I do not wish to and in any event I am unable to dissect and describe our
time together - given that I am from this universe and our words are
incapable of describing that Paradise. I can only describe in ludicrously
mundane language that I felt at peace, in love, happy beyond belief and
utterly sensuously satisfied. We shared laughter, food, wine, bush walks,
massages, discussions on solving world hunger, exquisite love making ... and
best of all, I would wake each morning next to the most charming, beautiful,
sensual women I could ever hope to meet.

Anya is someone you want to care for with all your heart and who cares for
you with all her heart. We all want that relationship where everything is
beautiful and perfect and stays that way for ever. Of course, that cannot
exist in real life, but I have experienced The Fantasy, at least for a few
days in my life, with Anya.

So how do you move on from a week like this - easy, you start planning for
your next extended booking with the beautiful, adorable and sexy Anya.
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