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Date published: October 4, 2016 at 10:05 am
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After signing up to twitter and having a browse around the place, (something I swore I'd never do...) I found myself at Amanda Valentina's profile. Quite the woman indeed. It was her lips that really grabbed my attention. My first initial contact with her was in regards to a double another girl, which was to be my first escort experience. "Now now, mate. Calm down" I thought. I fired away a lengthy message to see if this idea was a "good thing"

Amanda replied fairly quickly. She was happy to accommodate me and my request. One thing about her, she's so well spoken and professional, which I loved. A few more texts and a deposit was fired away. I was in for a treat. But what had I just got myself into?

I was excited but also nervous. Eventually I decided against a double (I was a bit indecisive but Amanda was still cool about it all) and we re-scheduled a dinner date instead, and were back on track. I'm actually glad I made this decision. It wouldn't have been wasted as such, but I feel as though it panned out a lot better this way. She's a busy girl so I left her alone and waited for her to make contact with me again. Soon enough, there she was, bubbly and professional as always. I was cool with this. She even called me a day or two before to confirm - THE cutest voice.

Fast forward closer to the date, I was feeling a bit off colour and let her know. I would have been happy to cancel and let her keep any money for inconvenience but we were able to re-schedule again. I was very appreciative of this. I guess if you treat a lady right from the get go, they might just go that extra mile for you. Lunch the next day it was!

The day came. As expected, I was nervous. Amanda comes across quite powerful and well-spoken in her online presence albeit very professional.

We met up, and straight away, I was at ease. A quick chat and off we went to lunch.
First thoughts - WOW.
Second thoughts - Amanda's quite small and petite, she looks taller in her photos. (In no way is this a bad thing. I prefer pocket rockets, and quite the pocket rocket she is!)

I really enjoyed my time with Amanda. She's quite the conversationalist. She’s beautiful, and she also loves what she does. She's very open and we were lost in conversation most of the time. A very interesting woman indeed. We didn't really watch the clock at all to be honest, just went with the flow. I'm not going into details about the rendezvous - you will have to book her and write your own story. I can tell you now that I enjoyed mine. What a way to end a trip to Melbourne... From seeing Amanda, straight onto a plane to Perth. You couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

If she allows it, I would definitely see her again. A lot to learn off this woman. Life experience included! Not a bad word to say about the lady.

Thanks for the AV experience. It was a pleasure!
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