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Date published: July 15, 2015 at 1:02 am
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I've always been hesitant writing reviews. As much as I have enjoyed the company of some lovely, stunning and fun women over the past 10 years, I've never felt the need or desire to review the encounter. That all changed the evening after meeting Alice.

I’d booked Alice to see her when she was touring in my city. I contacted her in the professional, respectful way she deserves. I introduced myself, gave her some info about me and the date and time I wanted. I got a reply not too long after and everything was booked in. We shared a few messages up until the day, all of them professional, fun and friendly. I found the whole process easy and lovely.

The booking day came around, however the two weeks I had to wait felt like two months. A few messages were exchanged to confirm details like the hotel and a cheeky one about Alice’s favourite flavour for a gift I was buying her (The choice was between Vanilla and Strawberry – It was Vanilla for those looking to spoil her one time). I brought a scented massage oil candle and some vanilla flavoured lube from Honey Birdette as a gift.

Alice met me at the lifts. She had picked a fantastic hotel. The view of the city was amazing and it was hot being in the room with Alice, naked, lights on, curtains open, at night, overlooking the city. It just added to what was one of the most memorable encounters I’ve experienced.

After getting the formalities out the way, Alice was excited to open her gifts and was genuinely appreciative. (Guys, it doesn’t cost much but its nice thing to do, spoil the wonderful ladies you see!)

I found Alice so easy talk to. Time flew by but it didn’t seem like it at all. We talked about so many things, she’s very smart, worldly and inquisitive which made for some warming conversation. You instantly fall in love with Alice’s personality. Her adorable persona and that sweet smile. I could have happily stayed all night talking with her. I just about did. LOL

Alice’s talents when it comes to the bedroom, especially giving oral were amazing. She is truly gifted and it was a combination of many aspects that made it feel so incredible. Her body is Devine, she is breathtakingly beautiful and she just enchants you in every way. We used some of the vanilla lube during sex (it smelled amazing and tasted sweet). After I left I could still smell the vanilla scent on me. I think it’s left a permanent imprint in my mind. I know whenever I smell Vanilla in the future I'll flashback to the final view I had of Alice when I came. Her eyes, that look, my god!

I loved every single minute with Alice. From the booking process to the time together in the room. She is truly an incredible young woman. One that left me so smitten and enamoured with her, I was compelled to write my first ever review after over 10 years of seeing woman in the industry.

Would I see Alice again? In a heartbeat!
Should you see Alice as soon as possible? Unequivocally!
Am I utterly smitten and can still smell vanilla, reminding me of Alice? Abso-vanilla-lutely.
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