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Date published: July 28, 2016 at 2:52 pm
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Despite having never seen an escort before, I decided to see Alice when she came to Adelaide as part of her tour. Upon contact via text to make a booking she was friendly and helpful, considering I had never done this before she made making a deposit, but in my case paying the full amount to make it easier for later and the whole interaction very easy.

The night before I couldn't get much sleep because of the anxious and excitement of the situation which was going to take place. On the following morning she contacted me with the address she was staying at like she said she would.

I waited until pretty much exactly 2:00pm to knock on her door, respecting the fact that she could have another client and having paid for 30minutes I didn't want to go over that. Alice greeted me at the door, looks 100% like her pictures! She directed me to where the shower was and gave me a towel. I must say that having not visited a WL before there was surprisingly a lot of hygiene products, different types of shampoo, Evie individual plastic cups for mouth wash, toothpaste and so on... Maybe I was just being naive but I honestly didn't expect everything to be that well thought out.
I had a quick shower and redressed like a muppet only to come out of the shower and see her laying naked on the bed, that gave her a clear hint I'd never "punted" before lmfao. Anyway, got undressed and went onto the bed with her where we talked for a couple of minutes to break the ice, if you will. I think she knew I was anxious and she did what she could to try to make me feel more comfortable. I ended up going soft and was ultimately unable to cum (feelsbadman) but I just want to say that was NOTHING to do with her. I'm naturally very anxious person and partly the reason why I wanted to visit an escort to begin with was so that I could hopefully become more relaxed in that sense, I feel this coupled with knowing that the time was counting down put me under pressure and I just couldn't perform. She did everything she could to make me feel relaxed, after both of us realising it wasn't going to happen I got back into the shower and got dressed.
I gave her a $20 tip, which may not be much to some but that was all I really had on me and I think she appreciated it and I went on my way.

Unless you're comfortable in your ability to perform and forget about the time I'd certainly book an hour plus.
As long as you're respectful towards Alice from the get-go, she will respect you equally.
Would I see her again? Yes, you can tell she's a very sweet girl when you get to know her and I'm sure anyone that knows her consider themselves lucky.
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